I was listening to Scott Hanselman’s podcast on Being a Better developer in 6 months, and it started to make me think: I want to be a better developer! So, some things I want to teach my self over the next few months:

More Ajax: I have done a fair amount with Ajax over the last while, but there is a lot more to do. So, I want to play more with Ajax, and learn more.

Silverlight: This is a very cool technology, and I want to learn how to use it.

WCF: Windows Communications Foundation is one of those technologies that I still cant figure out why I HAVENT used it yet! Strange, but true!

WPF: sound be in with the Silverlight “commitment”.

Ruby-on-Rails: this is my non Microsoft technology related project. I defiantly like the look of this, and have seen a lot of cool things around this, but never started coding in it.

So, we check back every 4th Friday of the month for the next 6 months (I have the reoccurring meeting in my calendar, which, due to other commitments may move around) and see how I am doing. </p>