I am about quarter way there to my bedroom datacentre! :P read extended entry for more!

I have decided to make me a bedroom datacentre. By this i meen a data centre running from my bed room. I currently have 1 of the connections i want. i have a 600/128k cable modem connection. Eircom are running SDSL trials, as far as i know, and also Esat BT are too. If the two of these release 2mb SDSL lines, i would be handy. i want to get 2 Eircom lines, and then the 2 SDSL lines form Eircom and Esat BT. I also have quite a few computers and servers, and i reckon that i may need a few others. I reckon its fully posible for a bedroom datacentre. Check out DSL WebServer for more info on running a web server from home, and my backend for more info on whats running this network. more stuff to be put up there, but not a lot now.