So, i have asked questions on this site before, and sometimes gotten replies, so here it goes again. I am in the market for a backup solution for my home network. It will be growing soon (extra 5 servers, more on that eventually) and i need to backup a fair amount of data (4Gb+ of exchange data, 20Gb+ of photos, about 1Gb of websites including SQL, and somewhere in the region of 10Gb of other stuff). i was thinking of 40Gb tape drives, but does anyone have recomendations? I will have a RAID 5 array with a lot of stuff on it, and this is what i want backed up. the plan is to have 3 different file areas: a raid 0 for just randon data which does not need much security, a raid 1 which needs fairly high backupability, and then the raid 5 with stuff i really want to keep, which will get backed up to Tape, or what ever. any ideas? [update] i have been looking at the iomega REV, which sounds interesting. I found their REV Loader 280, but it might be a bit steep in price at about a grand (ex vat), with only 1 tape. i do, how ever, like the fact its auto loading. 35Gb uncompressed and 90Gb compressed also sounds very interesting. anyone got any recomendations on this device?
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