Right. currently im running windows on my machine. i have a partition with linux fully installed and working, but havent booted into it for a while. im hoping to be back with linux by monday. the reason i have been using windows this week is the TV tuner. i have been using ShowShifter to record stuff off the TV to AVI and WMV format. hopefully i can get linux to do this quite soon. i already miss Linux! its hard to move from linux to windows. going into command windows and typing ls insted of dir, cp insted of copy, etc. Also, i ordered the CDROM drive for the imac. it should be here in a few days (im hoping). I ordered from a place called Wegener Media who specilize in mac stuff. cheapest place i found the CDROM drive for the mac, and its an original by the looks of things too!! should be on OSX quite soon now!