Being one of the new things i want to play with this week, i decided i better post some links to some ASP.NET MVC Framework tutorials, info, etc.

ScottGu Has a LOT of info about this. First, there is the [introduction][1], then there are 4 parts of series on how to use it ([part1][2], [2][3], [3][4] and [4][5]). Scott Gu also has links to the [ASP.NET 3.5 Extenstions][6] (which MVC is part of) and that has some other cool stuff too. have to check out the rest of that.

Since probably the most important thing a web app needs is authentication (i did say probably the most important) Troy over at Squared Root has a post on using [ASP.NET authentication with the MVC Framework][7].

Scott Hanselman has a post on his blog about the [ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions and also has a video][8] showing you how to use them. This is very cool. Rob Connery also [shows you his PageList][9] which will be very handy.</p>

Finally, not completly MVC Related links: Dave shows you his [RSS reader using XLINQ][10], and Mads has code on how to [count External Links in ASP.NET][11].

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