Found out that Chirs Pirillo is running an ask service. you ask a question, pay him money ($27) and he answers. So, i have decided to see if it could work for me. sorry Chirs! Its my turn to make money from my hobby of comptuers!! Im a VB developer, currently studying for my MS exam in VB Desktop Apps. I spend a lot of time online, and if you need help, im your man! If your interested, leave a comment. ill get back to you about stuff. you could also email me at webmaster [at] lotas-smartman [dot] net. you know how to de-spam-ify it, hopefully! :P i will accept payments though paypal (minimum payment of €5 or $5) or my Amazon wish list, which im working on. major queries may take longer, and if i cant answer the question, i can send money back (less processing fee) though paypal. Ill post more about it soon. BTW, anything hardware, software, internet or webmastering related i could fairly easly answer. some questions, as i said, may take longer.