Linux Untethered by Brian Jepson — Wireless Linux is great, if you can find a hotspot. If not, have you considered a cellular data connection? It may not be as slow nor as expensive as you think. Brian Jepson explores the state of cellular networking with Linux.

Introducing LAMP Tuning Techniques by Adam Pedersen — Having a successful web site can be a mixed blessing. It’s nice to reach more people, but it’s painful to run up against hardware limits. Fortunately, LAMP sites have several tuning options, from tweaking parameters to replacing components. Adam Pedersen explains.

An Introduction to FOAF  Friend-of-a-friend, FOAF, is an RDF vocabulary for machine-readable homepages. It enables the expression of decentralized social networks akin to the centralized ones seen in Friendster and Orkut. Leigh Dodds provides an introduction to FOAF and its use.   []

Using JUnit With Eclipse IDE  Test-driven development principles call for writing the tests before writing any code. Alexander and Olexiy Prohorenko demonstrate how this approach can be used with the JUnit testing tool and the Eclipse IDE.   []

The New Eclipse – What’s in it for Developers?  With the Eclipse Consortium embarking on leaving the mothership of IBM, and the mainstream press focusing their attention between the huge organizations that are joining, and the combative, blood thirsty meme of pitting Eclipse against Sun Microsystems and NetBeans, I grabbed an opportunity to talk with John Weigand, Eclipse Project Lead, and Skip McGaughey, the present chairman of Eclipse to talk about what the new organization will actually do for developers.  [OSDir]

Eclipse: A Java Developer’s Guide  A beta preview of Steve Holzner’s Eclipse: A Java Developers Guide. This chapter is titled “Building Eclipse Projects Using Ant.”   []

Printing Clients and Servers  Though plain-text configuration files often work nicely, some Unixisms are terse — printcap printer configuration comes to mind. They’re not as bad as they seem, though. Michael Lucas explains how to configure printers and print clients, even printing to multiple printers on separate networks.   []<p class=secondary>

Siesta Mailing List Manager  Majordomo is past its best, and many Perl Mongers groups rely on ezmlm or Mailman. Why isn’t there a decent Perl-based mailing list manager? Simon Wistow and others from decided to do something about it … and came up with Siesta.   []