Engadget has an article entitled “Armari PC Media Centers“. this company, Armari, has a few new media center pcs which include specs like dual 1.8Gz AMD processors (Im going to guess they are opterons, but they could be Athlon MPs), 600Gb mirrored hard drives (also, an educated guess of 4 300Gb drives, 2 in raid 1 and 2 in raid 0, or raid 10 if you will), dual TV Tuner (Hauppauge’s new dual tuner TV card, as the article here says) and a DVD/RW drive. no info on prices or anything important like that yet, but man that is cool. this could also act as a main workstation AND a media center at the same time nearly! I want one! Actually, 2: one as a media center, and one as a workstation :)