iTunes now has 64bit Vista support! this was something I batteled with for a while….

MacBookAir gets released. Standard system comes with 1.6Gz Core 2 Duo, 2Gb ram, 80Gb PATA HDD, 13.3″ display, 5 hour battery 802.11n wifi and Bluetooth 2.1 EDR. Options include 1.8Gz processor and 64Gb SSD storage. price? $1799 for the standard system, and $3098 for MacBook Air with 64Gb SSD and 1.8Gz processor.

Next is Time Capsule. Sounds like a bit of a copy of Windows Home Server. Sits on your network and backs up your Macs. Hmmm.  Also acts as a Wireless Base Station. Comes with either 500Gb or 1Tb storage for $299 and $499.

The Apple TV got upgraded, which is just a software update. The price also fell to $229 and $329 for the 40 and 160Gb models. I have a 160Gb model at home.

One of the new features in iTunes is Movie Rental and HD Movies.

For more coverage, including the iPhone and iPod Touch software updates, visit either Engadget or TUAW, which have quite the amount of coverage…