Right. i have a theory to throw out there: The Mac Pro (the new one that may ship next monday, or at least be announced, the replacment to the PowerMac G5) should be a 64 bit machine by my thinking.

Why? Simple: the G5 was.

If i go into Apples Shop at the moment, and configure a full on G5 with all the RAM and everything, it tops out at 16Gb. The current Max for a 32 bit processor is 4Gb (and some times as low as 3.5Gb). Think of all those photographers, video editors, etc, who have G5s sitting under their desk with 4+Gb of RAM. why would they want to “Upgrade” to a new system with less?

the idea baffels me, and the most i have in any one machine is 2Gb. but the next machine i build/go looking for will have more then 2Gb of ram, because i am now used to that. Thats what i have been working with for the last few months, that what i want to keep! so, just a theory, but an interesting one… :)

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