Just read this on Hard OCP. the idea that apple dident know about the Opteron

being a workstation. and i have to ask Has the world forgotten the Alpha? Digital had the Alpha CPU that ran at about 600mhz, and compaq are selling servers now with 1.2Gz chips. they ran Windows NT 4. Why has the world forgoten such a sweet machine?

Apple Interview:
How about a six page interview with the folks from Apple talking about their

new G5. The folks at Digital Video Editing did a good job asking the questions, they start out with a bang at least. The very first question asks about the “worlds first 64-bit desktop” claim:

DVE: Now, you’re saying it’s the first 64-bit desktop machine. But isn’t there an Opteron dual-processor machine? It shipped on June 4th. BOXX Technologies shipped it. It has an Opteron 244 in it.

Rubinstein: Uh…

Akrout: It’s not a desktop.

DVE: That’s a desktop unit.

Akrout: It depends on what you call a desktop, now. These… From a full desktop per se, this is the first one. I don’t know how you really istinguish the other one as a desktop.

DVE: Well, it’s a dual processor desktop machine, just like that one.

Akrout: It’s not 64, then.

*DVE: Yes, it’s a 64-bit machine with two Opteron chips in it. It started shipping</p>

June 4th.</em>

Akrout: That we’ll double check, but in my mind, it wasn’t.</blockquote> </blockquote>