Apple have announced the new 17″ version of their MacBook Pro. this is being written live as i read live from Engadget and TUAW.

It has a Unibody enclosure, much like the 15″ MBP and 13″ MB which where announced last year.

it is just 0.98″ think, weighs 6.6lbs and has a 1920X1200 display. anti glare option on the screen for $50. same battery display on the side and glass trackpad as the current MBP (15″).

upto 8Gb of memory (SWEET!) and NVidia chips for graphics.

Same dual GPU as 15″, 320gb hdd, up to 256gb SSD (option).

New battery “longest lasting battery, ever”. 8 hours! Christ! Thats a lot! 1000 recharges…

and tis environmentally friendly… (meh)

sounds like the battery is non removable… :(

whole machine uses less than 1/2 engery of single lightbulb (is that a 100w light bulb? i could say my Macpro uses the same as a single lightbulb too… if it where a 1kw lightbulb…)

if using the 9600GT graphics, you get 7 hours. use the 9400M graphics, get 8 hours…

program available to exchange the battery…

one config: $2799, 2.66Gz, 4Gb ram, 320Gb hdd. ships end of month.

the GPU has 512mb RAM, like the top end 15″.

Well, thats pretty much all on the MBP 17″… i will probably update with the other updates (iLife 09 and iWork 09 already announced… something about iTunes being done now… 3 pricing scales… eek…). more on that later…