Pocket PC thoughts are reporting that appforge has released CrossFire. its a tool that piggybacks onto VB.net so you can develop VB.net apps for your phone. it supports a rake load of phones, the 7650, 3650, 6600 and ngage to name but a few, and a load of palm tops too. theres a 30day trial for you to play with, and if its like mobile VB, the apps die after 2 days or so unless you buy the full copy. im going to try this later. hopefully my copy of Longhorn arived. if it did, ill be installing that for testing. im having one or two problems with linux, and im needing windows for work/college again. ill post more about the move later. anyway, check out the app. Ohhh. Appforge are at Appforge.com and crossfire info is here.