So, finished college for the summer on Monday, and already have released something!

I heard about Loggly a while back, and instantly though “Thats cool”… then i seen the price tag and though “Ouch!”… that was when their Smallest paid account (there is a free Dev account with 200mb logging capability per day and log retention for a week…) was about $99! but today they announced a new Custom Pricing setup. you tell them how much you want to log per day and how long you want it kept, and pay what their site says… Very cool stuff… Pricing now starts at just $8 for storing 200mb per day for 15 days.

Anyway, I also like NLog, an .NET open Logging tool. quite simple and easy to config, and i though, “wouldn’t both of these work well together?” So, today, I am announcing the release of The Loggly Target for NLog. The code is up on GitHub, and you can post issues on the site, and since the code is freely available, make fixes and send them back.

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