Anandtech have a benchmark of the AMD Opteron 252 VS the 3.6Gz Xeon with 2mb cache. the tests are Database tests, since that would be a fairly heigh work load. It was posted a few days ago, and i meant to post it, but i just dident get a chance. interesting read. funny when you think that i want one of these as a work station and that they are being tested for high end server tests. Also, its interesting looking back at this benchmark they ran back in 2002. The Athlon MP 2000+ VS the Xeon 2.2Gz. The 2000+ runs at 1.6Gz, comparied to the 2.2Gz Xeon. my workstation has 2 2400+ MPs, which are 2gz. Its funny to think how fast they actually are and what they could do! cool!