this review @ Toms hardware has info on the Athlon FX, 64 and P4 Extream! Yeah! Clawhammer and sledge hammer! hehe. cool. So, theres benchmarks, info and pics. first impressions. the athlon FX is smaller then the XP, but has a heat spreader which is handy. its got 128k L1 cache and 1024k L2 cache. the intel extream runs at 3.6Gz, has 512k L2 cache and 2mb L3 cache!! and they have a 3.2Gz version of it too. check it out. [update 18.58] Other results: Hot Hardware, tech report and anandtech. Also slashdot talk about it, so do CNet, OS News Linux on the Opteron: Are we ready? MS release beta of XP for the 64Bit AMD [CNet]. Hmmm. probably a lot more.