alpha Server 1000A 4/266Alpha server 1000A 4/266. I’m getting one of these over the weekend! I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer! this is one hell of a system. im not getting the exact one in the photo, but its a 266Mhz Alpha processor with 256mb ram, 2.1Gb system disk which is dead and 4 4.something gig SCSI disks as data drives. im still looking for info on the drives that this beast takes. see if i can get my hands on larger ones for it. not sure what to install on it yet. I think it should run NT 4, either workstation or server, which i have lying around here somewhere. the workstation disk says it will work with x86,
MIPS, alpha, and a few other things, or at least I *think* it says alpha, so that could be on it after
I get it. either that or Linux. not sure yet. what ever the thing runs. pity windows 2000 or 2003 server dident support the alphas….  [updated] Added photo