Finally, i got around to cleaning my comments system. I get a lot of spam, so with the help of the Akismet .NET 2.0 API, about half an hour of coding and some patients, i managed to build an app that will query my SQL server asking for all unmoderated comments, run them though Akismet, and then say if they are spam or not. There is some minor checking on my end (i get a SQL query from the app, which i run, look at the results, decided to delete, and then do so). the only reason i havent told it to delete the comment or not is because it found some false positives, and some true negitives (is that a word?) its found at least 1 comment which was not spam to be spam, and 4 or 5 spam comments and said they where grand. i have submitted them to be checked, but they are not showing up just yet. So far, so good! :)