the August CTP release of the next release of ADO.NET, vNext, has been released. the announcement is here, on the ADO.NET Teams blog. and there is a lot of info here too:</p>


Next-Generation Data Access: Making the Conceptual Level Real – José Blakeley, David Campbell, Jim Gray, S. Muralidhar, Anil Nori

The ADO.NET Entity Framework Overview

 ADO.NET Tech Preview: Entity Data Model

Channel 9

Chatting about LINQ and ADO.NET Entities – Anders Hejlsberg and Sam Druker

ADO.NET Entity Framework on Channel 9 – Pablo Castro, Mike Pizzo and Britt Johnston


[ADO.NET vNext CTP – tools and screencast][7], Sanjay Nagamangalam

ADO.NET vNext screencast, Shyam Pather


ADO.NET Team Blog Data blog

Blog posts

Announcing: The ADO.NET vNext August CTP, by Pablo Castro

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