So, you bought a Mac Mini and your not happy with the speeds of the hard drive (its a 2.5″ disk). Your also not happy with speeds of FireWire or USB2 drives. What do you do? Add eSATA (External SATA, I think) to it! This is interesting. I have been looking at the Mac Mini as a server, and adding eSATA to it would be extremely handy. Also, with the help of iSCSI, all your storage could be external. one, fast eSATA drive for your mac mini, and the rest in a large server, and your sorted. You could have multiple Mac Minis in the same space as a regular server, and they aren’t that slow either… the standard spec is a dual core 1.66 with 512mb ram. you can up that to a Dual core 1.86Gz from apple, or really be a bit mad and install a Core 2 Duo into it and bring it up to dual core 2.33Gz and 64 bit… Hmmm, server….</p>

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