Ok. i ment to put these up eirler on (actually satuday!) but forgot all about it. stick it notes fell below stuff on my desk. only found it now. So, saturday on the Biography Channel the Simpsons Inside the actors studio (Simpsons inside the actors studio) was on. VERY FUNNY!!! i laffed a lot! Then, after that i went to Blanchardstown shopping centre and went to PCWord to have a look around. some pretty neet stuff. was playing with the eMac, iBook 12 and 14′ and also the iMac. All ran OSX and all looked soooooo cool!!! Then in the main building i found the Eircom smart phone. its a phone with a touch screen, keyboard and phone and internet access. it costs €0.80 for 7 minutes and €0.40 for each 4 min there after. not too bad for email on the move, but not very on the move either! i have only seen them 2 or 3 places. its quite slow too. probably a dialup link on them. you would think eircom could get the bank of 4 or 5 phones talking to a DSL line or something! 5 phones and a router. thats easy to do. one 1mb DSL line and you have a lot more bandwidth. plus you have speed in the connection and more bandwidth for each user. there was 3 people at the phones while i was playing with it and only 2 of them where surfing (me and an other bloke). I also ordered the bluetooth adapter i was looking for! Wahoo! :P should be here in the morining. Also, im going to have to start using one of those online book mark sites. handy cause i have sites i visit in Fas and some i visit at home. id like them alltogether!