[ActiveSync][1]. Man, how i miss ActiveSync! For the last while (up till about a month ago) i have had nothing but Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, Smartphones and 1 Nokia E61, all of which had ActiveSync connection to the Exchange server in work. this ment that all my contacts, calendar and mail was synced between phones, no matter which one. I moved from the XDA IIs to the Exec, poped in the sim, told it where the Exchange server was, username and password, and within minuites all my contacts where back! same with the E61.

Not so with the [iPhone][2] or [Nokia 6234][3]. Since i was using the Nokia as my main Phone for a few weeks, i inadvertidly added contacts to it. It happens. I moved the sim to the iPhone, setup sync with my Mac Pro and Entourage with the exchange server in work, and was quite supprised to \*not\* find my contact i had added! where was it?! And it then dawned on me: it never synced back from the Nokia…. Ugh. I would also like to see sync between Exchange and the iPhone, and i dont mean Secure IMAP. I mean proper ActiveSync: email, canender, contacts and tasks… It would be nice.