Alexia has just posted her 8 Random things, and asked me to do so too… Ugh!

  1. The curtins in my room are never opened, cause theres too much junk infront of them to get to them…
  2. You cant physically get from one side of my room to the other without some sort of acrobatics act over dead machines and other random junk
  3. sitting in front of my screen now, i can see 6 random gadgets i have bought that each cost over 200 quid, which i havent used in at least 6 months
  4. there is a fold up chair and a lot of muck in my car after picking up my sister from last weeks oxygen festival
  5. my car was attacked by chineese food about 2 weeks ago, and there are still reminants of it on the back (one of these days i will clean it)
  6. I havent shaved in about 4 months, though about a 6 weeks ago, the barber did use an electric razor…
  7. I only got my passport in Feburary of this year
  8. I have a guinness fridge in my room, and there is a lot of guinness and other random drinks in it…

Right, thats 8 random, useless facts! So, i tag David, Gavin, Paul, Richard, Rob, Scoble, and the 2 Scotts (Scott Hanselman and ScottGu). The chance of half, or even one of these poeple replying is very slim, but, screw it! :)