i was reading my blog subscriptions just before i go to bed and i found this post over at Russell Beattie’s blog about the Nokia 6630 phone. Vodafone Ireland just released a 3G network for users, and the 2 phones they are currently selling are the Motorola V980 and the Nokia 6630. i am concidering getting a 3G phones, just because of the extra speed for surfing with the PDA on the bus or the like, and the 6630 was top on my list. but after reading about what Russell had to say about the phone, i have though otherwise. it sounds like a really cool phone, but thats a bit of a pain. My windows smartphone has shed loads of ram (32mb in total, for both sortage and RAM) and i, on most days, would be reading email, listening to music and have the calender open at any one time. i can also have MSN Messenger open too. i know the data speed is faster, and so is the processor (my smartphone is 132Mhz, the nokia is 200Mhz), but i think the next phone might be a smartphone 3 or the Orange SPV500, which are actually both the same phone….