Information Week – The general availability of the system on April 24 will let

Wintel servers claim a degree of parity with Unix-on-RISC systems.

Buyers face I/O dilemma on servers


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People forget very easily that there was a


64bit copy of Windows NT4</a>. it was for the


processor</a>, by Digital, who where then

bought by Compaq who where bought by

HP. It was either HP

or Compaq, or even

Digital for that matter, who sold something

of the Alpha</p>

processor</a> to Intel. I think

Compaq up until last year, or so, still had

Alpha powered

Compaq systems. I know there was talk of the

killing the chip all together, but not sure if it went along with it. Pity. It

was a great chip. it ran at 533Mhz, when Intel‘s

fastest was about 300Mhz. Look at them now. running at about 1.2Gz, or

completely stoped even, and Intel‘s

fastest is about 3gz+.