Enhanced Dial-up: Sweet Spot or Dead End?. Hmmm. the idea is pretty simple. heard something simular before. these are using a proprietary system, but the one i heard about wasent.

The one i read about before had the idea of your ISP was kind enough to let you have a SSH shell account with them, and had a proxy on their network. you made a SSH tunnel to your SSH account on their server, which forwards, lets say, port 8080 on your machine to their proxy port, over a compressed and encrypted link, and vice versa. one the connection at your end is up, just tell IE/Netscape/mozilla/what ever to connect to port 8080 on your local machine for its proxy, and, in theory, you get compressed files over your link. i have since tried it, with a server in Trinity College and, even though i have a 600k cable modem link, i did notice a speed increese in some things. ok, a lot of things actually came in slower, mainly because of overhead, but on a 56k connection, it would make things a lot faster! ill post a toutorial about this later. have to try it again though first.