Ok. im running Setyi@home on my workstation at home (Athlon 1.33Gz), my workstation at work (P4 1.6 or 1.7Gz, cant remember), my sisters and mothers computers (Both P2 266 machines), and my server at home (Duron 700Mhz). My server has one last work unit to do before i reach the 500mark! my workstation has one too. The server will be finished in about 1 hours 15 min. the workstation will be finished in about 3 hours 26min. the workstation has been working for the last 2 hours 45min and will have a completed one is 6 hours 11min total. the server has been working for 8 hours 40min and will do a completed one in 9 hours 55 min. my sisters computer has been working on it for the last 34 hours 49min and will take a total of 71 hours before its finished (36hours 37min remaining). Mind you, hers is only on about 8 – 10 hours a day. workstation in work will do it in about 6 – 7 hours. so, by about midnight tonight i will have 501 done! Wahoo! :P my stats page is Here yeah!!!