3Tera have a very cool piece of software called AppLogic. the idea is that you can build complete web based networks very easily. There is a 10min AppLogic demo which, when I seen it first, blew me away, but also, made me ask some questions. more on that a bit later.

 There is another company, called Grid Layer, which offer solutions using the 3Tera software. They sell Virtual Private Datacenters, which start at about a grand a month. For that, you get 4 machines, each with a 2.4Gz processor, 2Gb ram, 6Tb bandwidth, a total of 32 ip addresses and the software required.

The way the software is build is around virtual appliances. You have your 4 machines running the AppLogic software, and all report info to the main machine. you then say I want 4 web servers, 2 App servers and a DB server. each of these virtual machines are then started and run on the different boxes. cool idea.

So, the questions I wanted to ask. I Still cant find a price for the software, and with software like this, I am guessing it is not free. Second, why don’t we have anything like this for Windows?  since this is based around Virtual Machines, in reality it shouldn’t be impossible. yea, licensing may get in the way, but, licensing aside, how hard could it be?</p>