3G iPhoneSo, the WWDC keynote has come and gone, and the 3G iPhone was announced. Specs:

  • 3G and HSDPA internet on the go
  • A-GPS
  • and all the features of the old iPhone, plus Firmware 2.0 update.

will be released 11 July, and will cost $199 for the 8Gb black model, and $299 for either a 16Gb white or black model.

one interesting thing though i found looking at the store… check out these 2 screen shots of the Requirements section from the Apple Store:

US Store:

US Store

Irish Store:

Ireland Store

As you can see, the US requires a 2 year contract with AT&T, but the Irish one says you need a Wireless Service, but doesent say who… does this mean its unlocked? Definatly one way of getting more customers buying them!

Next, MobileMe…. This is the replacment to .Mac. This is being touted as Exchange for everyone else… Push email, contacts and calander, and the rest that came with .Mac. Its an interesting service, and .Mac customers get upgraded for Free. It sells at the same price, $99. This comes with 20Gb storage (usually split between Email, web pages and online disk storage). Quite cool stuff. Due out Mid July (maybe 11 July, like the iPhone 3G)….

Just one more thing… Wondering if 11 July will be the release day for the new Firmware? they said “July” but i cant off the top of my head find out if it was “mid” or “end of”… Mid would be the same general time frame as the iPhone 3G and MobileMe…. and we got pricing for it too… Firmware 2.0 will be free for existing iPhone users (as expected) and $9.99 for iPod Touch users…