Big day for hard drive news. First, Sandisk has released a 32Gb flash based hard drive for notebooks. its 1.8 inch (same size as the disk in the iPod) and could be very interesting. this is not the first one to hit the market, and hopefully wont be the last. no pricing info though. This could be very nice in desktop and server machines too. i can already imagine having 3 or 4 of these in a RAID 5 array for SQL server or Exchange server Data, or even 8 in RAID 0 for your main machine (with good backup solution, of cource…). Would 256Gb be enough though….

Next is news of Both Hitachi and Seagate annoucing 1Tb hdds. The Hitachi disks cost about $400, which is 40c per Gig. For 1Tb disk, its not bad, but concidering from my local (or not so local, its in Norway) tech shop, i can get 320Gb for less then EUR100, which is 31 euro cent per GB (which is a little over 40 USD cent), im happy. So, now for some new hard drives! :)