Just looking though my log files using Analog and i found out that the site has transfered 21.01Gigs since the 23rd December 2004. It has also transfered 588.224Mb in the last 7 Days. There has been 1.6Million requests, and 128,500 Distinct hosts asking for stuff of the server. I have seen nealry a million (980334) requests from windows machines (including 5287 from windows ce, and 44 from windows 3.1 and 4510 from unknown windows). there has also been web tv visitors (15 requests, 5 pages) and Symbian (193 requests, 16 pages) and some others. 39% of visitors come to the site between workh hours, the other 61% between 5pm and 7.59am. So, its pretty stupid stuff to be posting, i know, but it could be interesting to someone. You can run a fairly decient site with an average of 51thousand requests a week on a 300k/s line! i still want a faster line, but it is posible! Ohh and thats only the blog. it doesent include other sites on the network! :)