<a href="http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/multi_page.asp?cid=7-6453-6821">this article over at Rob Galbraith DPI</a> talks about the task of Sports Illustrated taking all their photos at the superbowl, etc. 1Million digital Photos! Funniest quote of the whole article

\”Think we edit fast?\” Fine asks, as more images flash by. \”I\’d be going faster if this shitty computer wasn\’t so slow.\” That shitty computer is a dual-Xeon 2.4GHz machine with 1.5GB of RAM.</p> they look at 2 photos every second. i have a hard time looking at 2 photos every 5 seconds! :P anyway, lots of stuff about hardware. I dident read the whole article, just kind of glanced at specs, large numbers, etc. my idea of speed reading. im guesing its superbowl, cause theres footballers there. yea it is. Ohh and that 1million photos is over the course of the year. i should really read this fully before i start bloggin it. they reckon because this year is olympics year, there will be close to 3 million photos. Also talks about the cameras envolved too.