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A CDN Hosted Blog

So, with the event of Amazon’s Cloud Front and RackSpace Cloud’s Cloud Files (with the backing of Limelight Networks) the world and its mother can now use cheap and cherfull CDNs for hosting images, CSS and JS files for their blogs. but what about the rest of the blog? In theory, a blog is 99% […]

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Jungle Disk Server

A Few days ago on the Jungle Disk blog, it was announced they would be releasing a BETA of their new product: Jungle Disk Server. This sounded very interesting, and one of the more interesting features that was added was De-Duplication…. let me try explain with a bit of detail… I am backing up my […]

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Backing up WordPress on Ubuntu to S3

Right… So, my blog is currently living on an Ubuntu box here in the house and is running 3 of my blogs (this one, The Angry Viking and Tiernans Photography Blog). With all the news about WordPress being under attack, i though i better share some of my scripts i use for Backing up the […]

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Mobile version of this blog available

A mobile version of this blog is availabe at the same URL as the main site! Some magic in the back with wordpress mobile edition makes sure the site looks good on most mobile devices. Check out the following screen shot from my iPod touch.

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